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New Product: Announcing Addition 365 by Four Seasons

Michael Donohoe - Tuesday, April 10, 2018
New Product: Announcing Addition 365 by Four Seasons

Fitch Construction Inc. of Fairport, New York announces a new product to our offering of Four Seasons products. 

Addition 365.

As the authorized dealer for the Rochester, New York area, as well as the surrounding Central and Western New York area, we are excited to offer this product to our clients.

In designing the Addition 365, Four Seasons spoke extensively with homeowners to make sure they were creating a complement to their needs and lifestyle. The final product represents the best features and finishes they want from an addition to their home. It’s a real addition—without the real hassles and time associated with a traditional room. 

Offered ad built exclusively by Fitch Construction, a Four Seasons dealer, Addition 365 allows you to experience the benefits of our sunrooms, with the architectural quality and customization that could only be achieved with a new construction project. Addition 365 is a life-changing home enhancement, seamlessly expanding your living space at a fraction of what you would pay for a standard home addition.

Four Seasons created an alternative to what could be an expensive home addition project, one that saves homeowners time, money, and concern. A solution that provides the benefits of a sunroom with the substantive feel of a new addition.

- Lower Cost than conventional additions, with no surprises, plus architect fees included.

- Faster to install than traditional additions, with an expedited pre-construction process.

- Lower maintenance than conventional additions, giving you more time to enjoy your expanded living space.

- More customization available than conventional additions, built as an integrated system with full compatibility with future needs.

When you purchase an Addition 365, you are not only adding great aesthetics, but also adding an enhanced thermal performance to your entire house.

Four Seasons pioneered the Modular Wall System, a key feature of the Addition 365 room, that provides flexibility in both design and performance. The unique approach to combine both vinyl and aluminum means when you’re ready to add living space to your home, the Modular Wall System gives you the best of both form and function.

The best of proven performance, combined with the best of “what’s next.” The team of Four Seasons engineers and product specialists improved on their experience and knowledge

- Recessed LED lights. Gone is the track lighting, now replaced by energy efficient lighting solutions that provide an integrated look and feel, while lowering your energy bill

- Inbuilt electrical raceways. This allows you to both add standard outlets within the room, and integrate USB power to charge all your devices.

-Built to be future-proof. As our lives and our technology solutions evolve, so will your Addition 365. Crafted as a chassis, Addition 365 is designed to be modified to suit all your future needs.

Perhaps the best, and probably the most fun part of the Addition 365 room is tnat it is customizable. Every design element is a mix and match and combines to complement your personal style.

Take a look at the Four Seasons reveal video on YouTube, then contact Fitch Construction at 585.377.3330 or on through the contact us page here on our website.