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Skylights, Windows & Doors Planning

When deciding to remodel your home or add on a room, it takes time and planning. Focusing on the details including the addition of skylights, windows, and doors will improve the outcome.

The first step is to meet with a Fitch Design Consultant at your home. There will be a number of important items to discuss and key questions to answer before moving forward. The best part is there is no commitment required.

What can we do to increase our home's natural light?

Many houses have rooms or hallways where daylight is limited. Skylights are a wonderful mechanism to bring natural light into the darkest and most isolated spaces. A skylight or sun tunnel that passes from roof to ceiling can spread a soft and restful light throughout a room. By working with Fitch Construction, an authorized dealer and installer of VELUX products, we identify the best solution and products to bring sunlight into your home.

What solutions would you suggest to improve the air in our home?

Unfortunately in most homes, ventilation is not a primary concern when a house is built. Over time, the air becomes stagnant and may lead to unhealthy conditions. 

At your request, one of our Fitch Design Consultants will visit, walk with you through your home, identify areas of concern, provide solutions using VELUX, Sunrise and Andersen products. By adding "Fresh Air" skylights and new windows with screens, we will help you improve the natural air circulation throughout your home.

Our home's best view is blocked by a wall

When a home is built, there is usually no consideration for what is beyond the four walls of the home. The builder's job is to complete the home and that is it. At Fitch Construction, we capture your vision, and our trained design consultants provide solutions. While considering your needs, we may recommend opening the wall and adding new windows, doors, a sunroom or room addition. Either way, the view will become a part of your home, adding both value and pleasure for years to come.

100% of the construction process is managed by Fitch

Often homeowners worry about their home remodeling project. At Fitch Design Studio, we are responsible for the entire process from the design through the final day of construction. With our team of more than twenty talented staff and being an authorized VELUX and Andersen dealer, there is an expectation to supply quality materials and craftsmanship, which we have provided in the community for the last 30 years.

Is the work covered by a warranty?

In New York State, home improvement law requires contractors to provide a one (1) year labor warranty on all work. At Fitch Design Studio, we believe in the quality of our work. On all VELUX Skylights, Suntunnels and roof windows, on top of the manufacturer's warranty of twenty (20) years on the glass and ten (10) years with the parts, Fitch Construction provides a lifetime warranty on the installation workmanship. On other type of project, we provide a five (5) year limited workmanship warranty, which is longer than the one (1) year required by law by the State of New York.

What are some ways we can pay for this project?

At Fitch Design Studio, we will work with you to identify the best ways to fund your project. Please visit our financing section for more information.

Are you ready to take the next step?

We would like the opportunity to sit down, discuss and turn your dream of new skylights, windows or doors. Call us at (585) 377-3330 or submit your information request form to set up an appointment.


"Estimate to install (the sun tunnel) was a very easy quick process. Everyone was friendly and efficient and we are so happy to have our light so fast. It was wonderful service!!!" ~ Victor, NY (June 2017)


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