Windows Doors & Skylights FAQs

Skylights, Windows & Doors FAQs

Can the blinds in my skylight be controlled by remote control?

All VELUX electric blinds can be operated with the hand held remote control or the optional wall switch. One remote can control multiple blinds in one room.


Do I have to insulate my sun tunnel light pipe?

No, you do not have to insulate the light pipe. The system is designed to weep out any condensation that occurs and it works very effectively. 

What if I want to do some of the work to keep costs down?

Fitch will gladly work with you to organize the project and prioritize to meet your needs.

What is a sun tunnel?

A tube skylight is a product that transfers natural sunlight into useable light that lightens up dark rooms. The technology used to accomplish this is a super reflective light shaft and precisely engineered diffusers. The mirrored surface of the light pipe reflects the solar light down the tube.

Why do you choose VELUX Products

When purchasing a skylight, you want to consider the manufacturer, materials of construction, design, warranty and product/consumer support to be sure you get a skylight that you can trust and depend on! This is why we sell only the best! 

Why use a sun tunnel?

A sun tunnel tubular skylight efficiently provides pure natural light while effectively minimizing heat gain and heat loss since it is a sealed system. Tubular skylights eliminates dark rooms. There are many benefits of living in rooms illuminated with natural light. Get rid of those dark room blahs for good! Plants thrive in rooms lit with natural light as well.

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