Skylights, Windows & Doors FAQs

Are replacement windows installed from the inside or outside?
To ensure your replacement window is properly installed and has maximum energy efficiency, it needs to be insulated, anchored and sealed to protect the window from air and water infiltration around the frame. To accomplish this, your installation team needs to be able to get to both the outside and inside of the window.

Can I install my windows myself?

To maintain their industry-leading performance, windows need to be installed square and level, with a suitable water barrier. If your windows are not installed with these requirements, as a professional would do, it may lead to damage to not only your window, but additionally to your home. Your window warranty will also be voided if the window is improperly installed.

Can the blinds in my skylight be controlled by remote control?

All VELUX electric blinds can be operated with the hand held remote control or the optional wall switch. One remote can control multiple blinds in one room.


Do I have to insulate my sun tunnel light pipe?

No, you do not have to insulate the light pipe. The system is designed to weep out any condensation that occurs and it works very effectively. 

How are windows installed?

Your windows will be installed by highly trained and certified installers that will ensure that your installation is done properly. Windows can be installed in either a full-frame or insert replacement process depending on how much damage is surrounding your old windows. For optimal performance, we recommend a full-frame replacement.

We do not recommend our products be installed by an uncertified professional. If you choose to install yourself, it is important to note does not distribute direct to homeowners, so you will still need to contact a dealer to purchase your windows.

How long does window installation usually take?

The time it takes to complete the installation of your replacement windows depends on some different factors. How long it takes for the removal of your old window, the kind of window you purchased, whether any additional equipment is required or any issues with the property will all affect the duration of installation. Your certified installer should be able to give you an estimate on how long the project will take.

How much will window installation cost?
The exact cost of a window installation will depend on the kind of window you purchase and the type of installation needed. Furthermore, the area where you live will affect the cost. The energy efficiency of the windows will help you save on utility bills, making the overall cost less in the long run. Contact your local Windows & Doors dealer.

How will window installation affect the surrounding wall? Will I need to repaint my interior or exterior walls?
The installation of your replacement window will be performed with the greatest care and respect for your property. Our dealers take precautions to prevent damage to your home, as well as prevent the need to repaint or repair of your interior or exterior walls. Consult your local dealer about any concerns you may have about your installation.

Is there anything I need to do to get my home ready for my window installation? Will I need to move or cover my furniture?
Please remove curtains, blinds or other any window treatments. Also, have your security company remove any security sensors if you have them. Please move furniture or anything else in the way to make a clear path to the windows that are being replaced. It is also a good idea to take down any pictures or wall decorations close to the window as they could fall during removal of the old window or the installation of the new one.

Should a member of my household be present during my window installation? Will I need to take off work?
Someone from your home will need to be there to let us in the house and answer any questions we may have. Part of the installation process necessitates we go inside your home to set your window according to our high standards. Your window will be installed by a highly trained professional that will respect your home, leaving the site clean.

What if I want to do some of the work to keep costs down?

Fitch will gladly work with you to organize the project and prioritize to meet your needs.

What is a sun tunnel?

A tube skylight is a product that transfers natural sunlight into useable light that lightens up dark rooms. The technology used to accomplish this is a super reflective light shaft and precisely engineered diffusers. The mirrored surface of the light pipe reflects the solar light down the tube.

Who is responsible for disposing of my old windows after replacement?
Cleanup and disposal of your old doors is written into your contract. As with any home improvement project, it is typically the contractor’s responsibility to dispose of all project-related debris and to provide all the equipment necessary for cleanup (such as a dumpster, wet/dry vacuum and heavy-duty garbage bags).

Why do you choose VELUX Products

When purchasing a skylight, you want to consider the manufacturer, materials of construction, design, warranty and product/consumer support to be sure you get a skylight that you can trust and depend on! This is why we sell only the best! 

Why use a sun tunnel?

A sun tunnel tubular skylight efficiently provides pure natural light while effectively minimizing heat gain and heat loss since it is a sealed system. Tubular skylights eliminates dark rooms. There are many benefits of living in rooms illuminated with natural light. Get rid of those dark room blahs for good! Plants thrive in rooms lit with natural light as well.

Will the installation process create a mess in my home?

No. Our authorized dealers are trained to install windows and doors with as little disturbance to your home as possible.

Dealers will often use protective coverings such as drop cloths or plastic sheeting to cover your floor and furnishings at and near the work area.

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