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Allow the Perfect Level of Light

There may be times you would prefer less light in your home. By adding blinds to your skylights you can control how much light you desire within your home at any time of the day.

Replaced with Modern, Energy Efficient Skylights

The client had two older skylights needing to be replaced in their master bedroom and living room. The Fitch team worked with the client to identify and install beautiful, energy efficient skylights.

Safety Added with an Egress Window

Our homeowner needed an Egress Window installed promptly in their basement in order for them to make the final sale on their home. The new StakeWel Egress Window provided both ease of mind for the new homeowner and their family, while also creating added value to the property. In the...

Wood Ceiling Enhances Skylights

Two offset skylights brighten the living room of this home, while the ceiling and shaft are adorned with wood trim, highlighting the rustic feel of the interior.

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