Designing a home gym, classroom, office or theater?

Yes our design consultants are at your service to help discover new ways to transform your basement into the perfect multi-functional center for work, school or play.


How much value does a finished basement add to a home?

According to Remodeling Online's 2008/09 Cost vs. Value Report (http://www.remodeling.hw.net/2008/costvsvalue/national.aspx) an average of 73.9% of the cost of a basement remodeling project is recovered when the property is sold, offering one of the biggest returns of investment among most common home remodeling projects. However, the true value of a basement remodel can't be computed based on cost recovery alone.

Despite the housing market ups and downs, according to the U.S. Census bureau, property values have been increasing steadily nearly doubling every 20 years, for the past 60 years. So any improvement made to an existing home will pay for itself in the long run.

Add to that the significant savings in heating and cooling costs, provided by adequate basement insulation, which according to the U.S. Department on Energy can be anywhere between $200 and $400 a year. The TBF basement finishing system will provide moisture control as well, keeping your basement drier, cleaner, healthier and more comfortable.


What if I want to do some of the work to keep costs down?

Fitch will gladly work with you to organize the project and prioritize to meet your needs.

What is an egress window?

An egress window is a window that is large enough to allow a person to get out of the basement in case of an emergency. It is usually combined with a large well that will facilitate evacuation. Most building codes require homeowners to install an egress window only if the basement or part of it will be used as a bedroom, others will demand an egress window if you plan to use your basement as additional living space, no matter what kind of room you are to build.

Ideally, every basement room should have at least two ways out. One leading to the upper floors and another leading straight to the outside, so that no one gets trapped in the basement should a fire erupt upstairs. TBF dealers are familiar with all the local code requirements and will suggest and install the best available egress windows and window wells.


Why should I avoid wooden sub floors in my basement?

Wooden subfloors are a poor choice for basements. Wood soaks up water and it is an organic material. The combination of moisture with wood creates the perfect conditions for mold to develop. They also take away inches of precious ceiling height!


Why should I choose Fitch Construction?

As a member of the Rochester Home Builders Association, the Better Contractors Bureaus as well as other professional organizations, Fitch is committed to providing superior workmanship at an affordable price. Our craftspeople take great pride in their work and are dedicated to quality customer service. Since 1987, Fitch Construction has served the Rochester and Western New York and will continue for years to come.

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