Sunroom & Deck Planning

When deciding to build any type of room addition, it takes time and planning.

The first step is to meet with a Fitch Design Consultant at your home. There will be a number of important items to discuss and key questions to answer before moving forward. The best part, there is no commitment required.

Are you looking for a glass ceiling (Sun & Stars Sunroom) or a solid ceiling (Sun & Shade Sunroom)?

Glass technology has improved considerably over the past twenty-five years, allowing the temperature in a sunroom to be controlled more effectively regardless of the season. A Sun & Stars room is highlighted by an entire ceiling of glass, while a Sun & Shade room has a solid ceiling providing plenty of opportunities to add natural light through a skylight or sun tunnel addition.

What style room do you prefer?

Sunrooms come in a number of shapes and you may have a preference before we arrive. Our design consultants work with you to identify the best look for your home, as well as meeting your needs.

The four primary sunroom shapes are straight, curved, cathedral and conservatory. Simplicity highlights the straight lines of the classic lean to glass sunroom, serving as a seamless addition to your home. The graceful lines and elegant symmetry of the curved eave solarium complement as a greenhouse or growing room. Cathedral glass rooms feature a front gabled peaked wall welcoming natural light and extending your outdoor views, while also creating a spacious feeling. Recreating classic English architecture, the conservatory design complements both the colonial, as well as contemporary style homes.

Four Seasons Sunrooms continues to innovate with the newest addition to their product line, the LifeRoom®. The LifeRoom extends living space into your backyard maximizing the summer months, as well as extending into the spring and fall. Fully customizable features include remote control privacy screens, blue LED mood lighting, a “Cool Mist” climate system and “Soft Breeze” technology. For example, you can raise the screens during the day to allow complete access to the backyard. Once the bugs start coming out in the early evening, drop the screens to create a protected environment. Furthermore, it is the perfect place to project your favorite movie or sporting event on the screens.

What would you prefer in your sunroom?

There are several reasons to choose one material over another, with the primary choices of interiors being aluminum, wood, and vinyl. Our design consultants will provide direction in what will integrate best with your home, existing deck or patio. Additional features to discuss include doors, flooring and other amenities.

I am interested in other outdoor living options.

In addition to the Four Seasons Life Room and AZEK composite decks, Fitch Construction in Rochester and Buffalo has completed a variety of projects including screened porches, outdoor kitchens, and pool cabanas. During the design process in all of our offerings, we consider ways to provide you more light and access to your backyard, including basement walkouts or new doors. 

Time to take some pictures!

Now comes the fun part! We take pictures of the interior and exterior of your home, then load them into a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program. Within a few minutes, you will see a visual concept of your new room attached your house.

As you see the idea come to life, we explain the details, provide options, discuss the construction process, as well as the timing and budget. Our goal is to build excitement and provide immediate peace of mind for you.

Below is an example of a room addition rendering and during its' final completion stages. 


100% of the construction process is managed by Fitch.

Often homeowners worry about their home remodeling project. At Fitch Design Studio, we are responsible for the entire process from the design through the final day of construction. With our team of more than twenty talented staff and being an authorized Four Seasons dealer, there is an expectation to supply quality materials and craftsmanship, which we have provided in the community for the last 30 years.

Is the work covered by a warranty?

In New York State, home improvement law requires contractors to provide a one (1) year labor warranty on all work. At Fitch Design Studio, we believe in the quality of our work. We provide a five (5) year limited work warranty on all completed projects.

What are some ways we can fund this project?

At Fitch Design Studio, we will work with you to identify the best ways to fund your project. Please visit our financing section for more information.

Are you ready to take the next step?

We would like the opportunity to sit down, discuss and turn your dream of a new sunroom, room addition or backyard upgrade into a reality. Call us at (585) 377-3330 or submit your information request form to set up an appointment.

“Our cathedral sunroom is the showcase of our home. We entertain and celebrate most holidays with our family in this area.” - Mendon, NY

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