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Are You Planning to Remodel in 2018?

Michael Donohoe - Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Are You Planning to Remodel in 2018?

Welcome to the first of what we hope will be many blogs.

As we began writing, we realized something pretty big. Stepping back into our regular routine is never easy, especially after cleaning up all of the decorations and finding all of those misplaced cookies.

\As you take time and look at your home through the month of January, are you satisfied with the current state of your home?

Let's take a quick walk through your home, starting in your kitchen. Was the space crowded during the holidays, or were you unhappy with the overall feel of the room? Do you need to expand and provide more natural light? Are you desiring to create a more inviting space for socializing with an update to your living room or dining room? Or, are you looking to add a play space for the kids, which may be the best use for your basement?

The team at Fitch Construction will help you complete any of these projects (and more), as well as a room addition or sunroom. Starting the process now helps you complete your project well before the spring and summer holidays roll around.

Simply call us at 585.377.3330 and set an appointment. One of our design consultants will meet with you, discuss your thoughts and will complete a computer-aided design for you to review. You will set the priority and decide to take it to the next step. It is that easy!

Keep your eyes on this blog as twice a month, we will provide more details on projects, new products, guest writers and shared blogs/articles.