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Hot Remodeling Projects - Renovating or Selling

Michael Donohoe - Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Hot Remodeling Projects - Renovating or Selling

If you’re planning to sell your home this year or have decided to make some needed upgrades, now is the time. Spring is a great time to start a renovation as it is not too hot or too cold. Or here in Rochester, not as snowy, or so we hope!

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are always the first projects homeowners consider, but it’s good to know what people are looking for when searching the housing market. In order to help you out, the following projects will make your home stand out, as they are the hottest home remodeling trends at the moment

The Additional Room Below Your Kitchen - A High-Quality Finished Basement
While everyone would like a finished basement, the expectation these days is to go further. Waterproofing the basement and adding a floor is okay, but today, building out the space to include many other features is the norm. A small kitchen, full bathroom, and a home theater are considered some now common projects. It is the one area of the home which is a "clean canvas" and can be designed any way you would like. Do not forget though, finishing a  basement can be an investment, based on your desires.
Aging in Place - Accessibility
Over the last few years, homeowners have increased their focus on aging in place which is defined "as the ability to live in one's own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level." Many "Baby Boomers", who were born from 1946 to 1965 prefer the option to stay in their home. More than ever, those who are buying look for a layout with potential accessibility. These remodeling projects usually include widening hallways and doorways, adding handles and possibly ramps. Accessibility remodeling can become expensive, but can certainly benefit you and your family immediately and in the years to come.
Going "Green - Environmental-Friendly Remodeling
Over the past 30 years, our country has changed many of our standard ways of life to include solar panels, chemical-free cleaners, and recycling. This trend is true in remodeling as well. Some ways to improve your home's efficiency is to upgrade insulation, install automated smart home features and choosing recycled or other environmentally friendly remodeling materials as well.
Luxurious Living - The Master Suite
Adding luxury is one of this year trends. The master bedroom, with a luxury bathroom (including separate shower and tub) and an accessible closet help to create a suite-effect. A small master bath attached to the bedroom is no longer the desired room, but rather high-quality accommodation-like feeling with increased storage is key. Note that a luxury upgrade like this may require you to remodel multiple rooms.

Keeping the Rugs Clean - Mudroom Addition

This may be surprising, but finding more space may be created through a mudroom addition. This area allows children, and messy adults to remove their coats and dirty shoes before coming inside. It also serves as a storage area for other outdoor items.

Some project which are not so hot at the moment, but we still build at times...Garage additions, home offices, and wine cellars

When making a decision to remodel, consider functionality as well as how you can enjoy your new space. Also, note the required amenities, as well as your budget before you meet with a designer.

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