LifeRoom Louvered Roof System

Since 2020, the Outdoor Living category has flourished as homeowners have sought options for their outdoor living needs. In response, top-tier manufacturers have innovated on their product offerings.

The traditional patio that included a pergola has now been upgraded to include a pergola and a closed patio roof in one product. Springing forth from the uncertainties of the past few years, comes the LifeRoom Louvered Roof System. A pergola that closes with built-in options powered by the sun!

Fitch Construction’s LifeRoom Louvered Roof System provides the perfect answer to your question about compromise. On some sunny days, you may want an open-air structure that allows the sun rays to indulge your body as a sweet breeze cools your brow. However, on other days, you may want a patio cover to rest in the shade or to stop the rain from hitting your head.

The LifeRoom Louvered Roof System provides both an open-air pergola AND a waterproof patio cover in one product, the decision to open or close is yours at the touch of a button. Call today for your free Design Consultation(585) 377-3330.

Here’s a few examples of our latest decking projects where we installed a LifeRoom Louvered Roof System.

If you’d like to know more about our LifeRoom Louvered Roof System, give us a call and speak to one of our team members today.

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