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Bath Questionnaire

Dear Homeowner,
Here at Fitch Construction Inc., we take your remodeling project very seriously.  But, before we can begin to create your design, we need to gather some details that will enable us to create your dream room.

By completing the following questionnaire, we will gain a valuable insight into what it is that you and your family are wanting and needing from your new room.  We use the information you give us to make sure that each small detail is addressed.  Sometimes, this also helps you to see things that maybe were not thought about before.

Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from the rest.  We take pride in making sure you love everything about your new room.  So, we ask that you take a few minutes and sit down with the family and fill out our questionnaire and return it to us.  When we receive the information, we will begin the process of creating your perfect room.

We appreciate your time and patience as we begin the design process.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 585-377-3330 to speck to our Kitchen and Bath Design Specialist.
Thank you,
Fitch Construction Inc.

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Number of people using this room?

Is the current size of the room appropriate for all users?

Is the current sink at a comfortable height for all users?

Is the ventilation adequate?

Do you have mildew/mold problems at any time?

Is the lighting of the room appropriate?

Do you want more, less, the same?

Are you considering built in soap and shampoo storage in the shower and tub area?

Would you like to increase storage?

Will the current tub, toilet or sink be used in the new design?

You’re Preferences:

Why is the change being made?

What features work for you in your current bath room?

What features do not work for you in your current bath room?

What specific features are you looking for in your new bath room?

Multiple items may be selected.
Press "CTRL" key while clicking on each selection.

Please give us your thoughts, ideas, magazine clippings, pictures, sketches, of anything that you would like to see incorporated into your bathroom.

Changes you are thinking of:


Multiple items may be selected.


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Multiple items may be selected.
Multiple items may be selected.
Multiple items may be selected.
Lighting Focus:
Multiple items may be selected.
Multiple items may be selected.

Thinking of using:

Multiple items may be selected.

Wall finishes:

Multiple items may be selected.


Window treatment:



What is the time frame that you would like to see this project completed?

What is your budgeted investment for this project?

What do you consider to be the main reason for remodeling your kitchen?

How do you plan on paying your new kitchen?

If you finance, would you like us to include information from our financing partners?

Please list any other information that may be useful in designing your dream kitchen.


Fitch Construction respects your privacy. Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

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